Provinea powdered mineral

Provinea is a basic, naturally-occurring, powdered silicate rock of volcanic origin. It supplies the soil with important nutrients that are required to ensure healthy plant-growth. The nutrients fixed in the soil are available to plants, and Provinea – thanks to its high proportion of silicic acid – provides an important building block for soil fertility.

Natural PLUS:

  • Formation of clay/humus-based complexes
  • Healthier plant-growth
  • Added robustness for plant-cell walls (to provide defence against pests)
  • Significantly-reduced presence of powdery mildew
  • Reduction of 15–20% in the presence of rot
  • Wines of individuality, with a higher mineral-content
  • Encourages the reproduction of earthworms and other beneficial organisms
  • Increases the water capacity of the soil