We offer three innovative, certified, organic-seed mixtures developed according to ecological principles. Our two seed mixtures denominated ARTENREICH and HARMONIE are available for summer/year-round planting. Our EINKLANG mixture, which we have developed for winter planting, is a unique, forward-looking innovation that we are now also launching internationally.

Summer and year-round planting
Winter planting

ARTENREICH (> 80% organic components)

Diversity and vitality maintain a healthy living basis for wines to match. Our ARTENREICH vineyard-planting variant, which is characterised by its high level of biodiversity, sets new standards in the field of organically-certified crop management.

Thanks to the use of the Luzelle variety, whose notable advantages include pasture tolerance and grazing density, deep taproots loosen the soil in an optimum way. The high proportion of leguminous elements in symbiosis with Rhizobium bacteria fixes the elemental, molecular nitrogen (N2) present in air and reduces it to ammonium (NH4+) that can be absorbed by plants. Designed for keeping vineyard soils healthy, the mixture is characterised by its augmented herbal content, consisting mainly of borage to protect plants from damage by snails and slugs.

HARMONIE (> 70% organic components)

The bringing-together of opposites to form a unified whole was the basis of our mission to create greenery that was both vibrant and resistant to deterioration factors such as pesticides, pruning, mechanical harvesting, etc.

A carefully-composed mixture of different grasses (approx. 25%) provides the fast-growing grass cover required to maintain access. The remaining percentage is made up of tried-and-tested and in part newly-developed deep-rooting plants, legumes and herbs; with particular attention paid to the use of fine-stem varieties that do not produce woody stalks, which therefore reduces their tendency to bend and break.

EINKLANG (> 70% organic components)

Unique, winter-resistant greenery, with a maximum level of biodiversity and root-growth capable of penetrating various layers. “EINKLANG” – German for “harmony” – provides an innovative, organically-certified approach to crop management that is at one with nature. Regeneration of vineyards, during their dormant phase, in order to create ecological equilibrium.

In order to ensure a proper supply of nutrients in the subsequent stages of development, the greenery along each row is required to provide minerals and nitrogen-fixing during the dormant winter phase. The goal is to minimise nitrate-leaching as far as possible, while providing additional protection from erosion.

The digging-in of winter greenery to cover the maximum nitrogen requirement at the “pea-size” growth stage should take place no later than shortly after sprouting occurs.