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A precise and controlled analysis is a prerequisite for quality assurance - we are officially approved for the testing of wine, sparkling wine and spirits in all German wine-growing areas. Our other core areas, apart from the individual parameter analyzes, include the preparation of export and purity certificates and microscopic investigations.

We offer customized analysis packages for the vinification of your wines. Of course, individual parameters can also be ordered. Special analyzes and parameters are carried out in an accredited partner laboratory on request!

Analysis package:

  • Commercial / Preliminary analysis:
    Relative density at 20 ° C, total alcohol, alcohol present, total extract, sugar-free extract, sugar (sucrose, glucose, fructose), SO2 (free SO2 and total sulfuric acid), total acid
  • Partial analysis:
    Total alcohol, alcohol, sugar (sucrose, glucose, fructose), SO2 (free SO2 and total sulfuric acid), total acid
  • Input analysis:
    The input analysis consists of a pre-analysis, pH-value measurement, tasting and a post-control check
  • Analysis of the acid spectrum:
    Determination of the acid spectrum of organic acids (wine, apples, shikimi, lactic, acetic and citric acids)
  • Turbidity:
    Trubaufbereitung, Vorversuche, Detection Analysis,
  • Cleansing and flavoring:
    Total acid, SO2 (free SO2 and total sulfuric acid), iron, protein whitening, sensor technology, flavor enhancement
  • Official test analysis:
    We are an officially approved laboratory for all German wine-growing areas and carry out test analyzes for wine, champagne and spirits
  • Identity Analysis:
    Identity check / filling indicator for partial fillings
  • Export Analysis:
    We create as a state-approved laboratory for export analyzes bilingual export and purity certificates



  • Existing alcohol by means of NIR / distillation
  • Total alcohol calculated
  • Total text calculated
  • Sugar-free extract calculated
  • Volume mass and relative density at 20° C
  • Total sugar: fructose, glucose, total glucose enzymatic
  • Total acid (potentiometric)
  • pH value (potentiometric)
  • Sulfur dioxide (free and total SO2, reductone iodometric)
  • Total sulphurous acid (SO2) after distillation
  • Volatile acids by distillation
  • L-apple acid enzymatic
  • Sorbic acid content HPLC
  • Determination of carbonic acid pressure in sparkling wine and sparkling wine


  • Volume Determination / Capacity
  • Carbonic acid content in still wine
  • Color characteristics (color points for red and white wine)
  • Microscopic assessment of wines
  • Ferro demand detection and follow - up
  • Bentonite requirements - determination and follow-up